Ivan Fraser
Ivan, We had a wonderful time and you absolutely 'made' Abbi's day. Many thanks!
Having too much fun!
Kathy LeBlanc and Ivan Fraser

Kathy LeBlanc is having a dry run at "Comi'n ashore with'er dory."

It's easy get'n yer sea legs on this kind'a ocean. Ivan invites you to hop in 'n give'er a try. He says he's have'n too much fun since opening his Childhood Home Museum and wants to share it with you.

Dear Ivan,
During our stay in NS in May, we had the wonderful experience of meeting you and came to know all about Peggy and Peggy´s Cove.
We want to thank you once again for your kindness and the really
interesting information!
See photos attached, memories are made of this.....

Kindest regards,

Heidi and Volker Schlicker
Thanks again Ivan for sharing your story and a piece of the cove with us. Manon Gallant and Claudette Pelletier from Québec city in Québec.
Ivan Fraser and Harry Shum
Ivan Fraser
Ivan Fraser and Harry Shum
Peggy's Cove Replica Lighthouses are now available at Peggy of the Cove. Call 902 823-2083.
I have finished reading "Secrets" and it was great! Quite the imagination you have there! All that page-turning adventure! One just has to see what happens next. Good ending~ makes you want to know what happens after that. A good sense of humor, especially when it came to the boys in their disguises. Made me laugh out loud at points. Keep it up!
You did bring more "heart" into the end of the book, which I like. I always think a book should have characters in it that 'ordinary' people can relate to and your's does.

Rebekah (Rebehah is an eighteen year old writer)
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Ivan Fraser... artist, photographer, author and storyteller was born and raised in Nova Scotia.

His latest endeavor is bringing Peggy's Cove Legend to reality through song, books, dolls, museum and storytelling. His popular Childhood Home Museum and exuberant storytelling is capturing hearts... hungry for details of the mysterious and charming Peggy. A mix of facts, blended with colorful tales and characters, take you back to the days of Peggy of the Cove. Hear it all and enjoy the friendly Maritime hospitality at
Ivan's Childhood Home Museum.

Sunday to Friday 9 to 5 during the tourist season... sometimes later. SATURDAY - ALWAYS CLOSED
For information call
902 823-2083 or 902 823-2386

Peggy of the Cove
Peggy of the Cove
April's brother Vernon, his wife Radeen and family. We all had a great time. Jessie, Johnathan and Andy painting up a storm above. Family aboard the dory on bottom right. Andy's approval.on top right.
Fun times at the museum!
Peggy of the Cove
Peggy of the Cove
Team work. Radeen and Vernon pulling together eh!

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Peggy of the Cove
Peggy of the Cove
Alex Brushett and Ivan Fraser

Alex Brushett and his parents were captivated by the mural on the museum and turned in to see what Peggy of the Cove as all about. Their visited became a memorable experience for all. It's folks like the Brushett's that make Ivan's day, knowing he was an inspiration and encouragement to someone so young. Alex is a photographer and also enjoys working on computers. Best of success Alex as you continue to develop you skills. To view his creative talent, click on Alex or link. http://alexbrushett321.deviantart.com/gallery/
Hey Ivan! (Aug. 22/10 Ivan was ecstatic knowing he made such an impact.)
We saw the picture of you and Alex and the wording is perfect.  I'd like to thank you again for that meeting we had.  I mentioned it in church during a sermon because it was a "God moment".  That meeting was meant to be and it was a turning point for Alex because you made such an impression on him and because you encouraged him to pursue his dreams.  It was a pleasure to meet you and I'm sure we'll be looking in on you again because Tony has a sister in Hammond Plains.  All the best to you, Ivan!  You're quite a storyteller and a great character yourself. Take care, Beverly

Peggy of the Cove
Hello, Ivan.   I met you on Monday, August 2/10 about 6:45 p.m. when I stopped to take photos of your home on my way back to Halifax from Peggy's Cove.  You came out in your sou'wester to greet several of us road-side tourists who were taking pictures of your property.  You probably don't remember me as I'm sure you have spoken to many people in the past few days.  I'm from Fredericton, NB and was visiting my son in Halifax. 
I did visit your web site a few minutes ago and I'm totally impressed!  I will definitely make a point of visiting Peggy of the Cove Gallery Museum next year during my annual summer vacation trip to Halifax, Lake Echo & the South Shore.  I wish I could've taken the time to go in to your museum on Monday but I knew my son would be worrying as to why I was late returning from my day at Queensland Beach and Peggy's Cove.
I purchased a copy of your book "Peggy of the Cove" in the gift store at the NS/NB border on Thursday on my return trip to NB.  I love it and I'm not yet through the first chapter.  I'm looking forward to reading "Secrets" which I'll most likely purchase online in the near future.
I'd like to share your web site with my Facebook friends (they live all over Canada from Victoria, BC to St. John's, Nfl & various places in the US).  Is it o.k. with you if I post your link on FB?
Thank you so much for your kind welcome and greetings on Monday.........much appreciated and I'm so very pleased to have met the author of "Peggy of the Cove" and, as I've learned from your web site, a very talented artist in your paintings and writings.  Your poem is absolutely beautiful, especially set to music!
I hope to meet you again next summer.  Keep up the great work.
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Dear Ivan, This is Dawna, the crazy one who came to visit last week with the family. We really enjoyed your place and here are the pictures I said I would send.  I hope you like them. Please keep up the good work. It is beautiful. Take care and hope to see you next time we cruise out that way again.
Ivan's first paintings, Ivan & Volker, and playing his grandmother's organ.
Heidi & Volker's five grandchildren.
Ivan Fraser and Volker Schlicker

Hi Ivan: As I promised, here is a picture from out visit on August 9th. As you can see, my twins were really getting into the role!!  Thanks for the history of the legend of Peggy of the Cove.  Keep up the beautiful photography. All the best in the future. Mary.

Hi Ivan!!
Mark and I really enjoyed the tour of your museum. Your family history was very interesting and all the articles your mother kept.  I've been reading your book when I get a chance... Peggy's been kidnapped so far. I'm enjoying the story very much.
I've attached the photos we took that day. I've been in the Cove for just over a week now and found the stop at your place the most enjoyable.
Thank you so much. Take care! Carol Greer & Mark Dymond.
Hey there Ivan,
Just wanted to let you know that it was great meeting my 3rd cousin and learning something about my great, great aunt! I had a wonderful time and so did my mother, brother, grandfather and grandmother! Next time we are out that way we will have to stop in again for a visit, and go to the cove! Thanks again, your 3rd cousin - Katelyn (:"

The Dinshaw Family
Hi Ivan
Thank you so much for welcoming us into your museum.
It was truly amazing. We had a blast and enjoyed your
artistic talent. We loved your interesting stories. You're
museum was a great highlight of our trip.

From: The Dinshaw Family.

Dear Ivan:

Thank you for inviting us to see your lovely museum. Susanna and I had a very good time. I am still reading "Peggy of the Cove, Secrets." It is a very interesting book.

Sincerely, Harry Shum
Very impressed with  your work, I always wanted to write a book, too.  You are an inspiration to encourage me to try harder.   We visited you on Sept. 27th and took some pictures.  Would like to return another year... Betty
Greetings Ivan,
What a pleasure and joy it was to stop in at your museum and get the Grand Tour of your "Endeavor" to provide my friend and I with such an incredible story~~
I know you see MANY visitors..and I would like to send you some photos of our stop~~I can send actual photos which might be easier for me. or try to figure out the technical way via the computer...My friend, Kay, lives in Dartmouth and I reside in Sacramento, CA area...we were in your area about  2 weeks ago...
Thanks and look forward to hearing from you. (Darlene is in the green sweater)
Marcy and her friends stopped to take a few pictures in front of the wave and new lighthouse. Big mistake. Ivan persuaded them to sit in the dory to have their picture taken. Here's the results. The lady in front is from Germany. Her roommate is on the left and Marcy on right.
Thanks so much Ivan.  I was on a tour bus last week - I think on Monday 10/4 that stopped by your home.  What passion you have - you are blessing many lives - so glad we stopped by.  Sharing a picture with you.  Look forward to receiving the book and sharing with my granddaughter.
kind regards, Kaye
Portland, Oregon
Kaye's photo through a tinted window on a motor coach.
Hi Ivan: How are you? We meet you on Sunday, September 5, 2010. There were four of us lady's and I am the one from the Netherlands. We enjoyed your place and here are the pictures I said I would send. Hope you like them. Thank's for your beautiful story of Peggy of the Cove. Ineke Bor of the Netherlands
Rhys thinking about Grandpop Leslie, holding the foot of Grandpop's bed and being a cool dude on his Great Great Grandmother's (Janet) organ. Rhys loves going through the Fraser Home to reminisce.

Dear Ivan: Greetings from Weinheim in Germany.
Here are some pictures of our visit in your house. Thank you for your guide and explanations. We learned a lot about Peggy. Claudia & Thomas, Carola & Gerhard

Dear Mr. Feaser:
Enclosed you will find some photos of our visit to your museum. We enjoyed our stay in Canada and hope we'll find the opportunity to come again. Say hello to the driver who brought us to you. With best regards:
Matija, Tatjana, Tara and Maša Milčinski from Slovenia.

Thanks again for a fun visit last summer.
Paul and Kalayla.

Brianna, our niece, dressed as Peggy of the Cove sitting at Janet's pump organ.
Working out at the Peggy of the Cove Museum.
Peggy of the Cove
Peggy of the Cove
Peggy of the Cove